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If you are lucky to have a wood-fired pizza oven at your holiday home, then why not take this opportunity to use it by arranging for a professional Pizzaiolo (pizza chef) to share with you the secret to the world renowned Neapolitan pizza.

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Your Own Pizza Party – a lot of fun for families and groups of friends.


Ever wondered why Italian pizza is the best in the world? How is the dough so deliciously light and crispy? What is the secret behind tomato sauce? What are the best toppings? If you are lucky enough to have hired a Feeling Italy villa with its own wood-fired oven, this is your chance to find out.


Before you try making your own pizzas, why not arrange for one of our expert Pizzaioli (pizza chefs) to cook for you? Your Pizzaioli will show and explain how to use quality ingredients to prepare perfect pizza dough and heavenly tomato sauce, and why the freshest, simplest ingredients make the best toppings.


All our ingredients are sourced locally – benefitting from the region’s glorious sunshine – and are organic, from the freshest mozzarella to our fragrant basil leaves.

At your Pizza Party, our Pizzaioli will make four to six pizza varieties (depending on the number of guests), so there is plenty to share and something to delight everyone. Your chef will then make a tempting, authentic dessert pizza to round off a fun and enticing family meal. Some local wine and soft drinks are included.


Armed with expert advice and secret tips, you can spend the rest of your holiday experimenting with your own pizzas – good luck!




  • We will teach you make your own pizza. A lot of fun for the kids.

  • Genuine experience

  • Fresh and local products


  1. Massa Lubrense